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Mark Hearndon is a photographic artist whom specializes in fine portraiture with the approach of capturing ones Distinctive essence, personality and expression. Mark is often sought out for his charismatic way of achieving that goal, which is to bring out your natural best out, then capture it in the camera to produce the portrait you’ve envisioned for display in your home, office or on your social media profile.

How it all Began


     As a young man Mark has always had a gift for taking pictures and was always with camera in hand at family functions. In 1994 while attending an in-laws wedding ceremony, the hired photographer never arrived and Mark was asked by his then wife to take a few shots of the bride & groom which she would later give to them as a wedding gift. The couple loved their gift so much, they assumed that he was a professional photographer and referred him to a friend to photograph their upcoming wedding, which spawned into another, then another. After a long summer of photographing weddings blind and off the hip he enrolled in photography classes and that gift soon evolved into a passion. After attending WCCC basic, intermediate and advanced 35mm photography courses, he moved on to GLiP (Great Lakes Institute of Photography) then continued on with countless educational courses & seminars with local and world renowned wedding photographers and portrait specialist.


     Once equipped with this new knowledge, a used Bronica 645 camera and professional portrait film, he evolved into a professionally trained and educated wedding photographer and thought that weddings was all he wanted to photograph, Now some 28 years and 200 plus weddings later, his humble beginnings as a “Weekend Warrior” seem long ago as various photographic services have been added to meet the needs of his clientele.


Detroit Photographer Mark Hearndon
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     As a portrait photographer Mark is as adapt on-location as he is in the portrait studio, always traveling prepared and battery powered, He’s known for bringing the Studio to you! In addition to being quite proficient at utilizing portrait backdrops and professional lighting, he’s also known for capturing and manipulating the available ambient light or balancing that light with flash to create beautiful environmental portraits. Even with all these skills mastered and utilized, Mark continues to educate and challenge himself in the now ever changing world of "Digital" photography.

     Distinctive Portraits continues to be a leader and innovator in event portraiture. Having developed and mastered an efficient method of on-site portrait printing dating back to 2002, this service is a favorite with corporate and social events, family & class reunions. Distinctive Portraits Event Portrait Services produce instant portrait sizes from 2"x3" wallets to 11"x14" wall portraits ready to display in your home or office. Distinctive Portraits are renowned for their on-site portrait printing services which compares to, or even rival today’s studio portraits.  So rather it's a lifestyle portrait, graduate senior session, corporate headshots, or event coverage, Mark is always ready and able to meet your needs with photographic excellence.

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