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Actor & Model Headshots

A professional Actor & Modeling Headshot will be your most important tool you'll utilize when pursuing your career in the entertainment industry. 

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Actor Headshots

To be taken seriously in today's acting and entertainment industry, you need a seriously professional headshot. One that presents you at your best, one that's a step above that awesome selfie with the great lighting that you're currently using. Though it maybe a nice photo, the casting directors are looking for something different! Casting directors are in search of artist with raw talent, confidence and commitment. Your commitment starts with investing in yourself, your craft, and your Actor Headshots. 

Be more than Different, Be DISTINCTIVE!

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Child Actor Headshots

Detroit Actor Headshots

Modeling Headshots

Where as actor headshots emphasize on the face, expressions and angles. Modeling Headshots incorporate both face and body to communicate more of your role personality to the casting directors.

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